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Why should I sign up?

We speak to many people on a daily basis who have experienced disputes over rental contracts. In the main they are down to an increase in rent over the government of Dubai’s legal guidelines or an amendment to clauses within the tenancy contract. By signing up to all the information regarding maximum rental increases will be sent to you, based on your current rental contract details and RERAs latest guidelines. All of this will be sent to you with time to spare, allowing you to plan for the future.

What information will you send me?

You will be sent an email after signing up that will include the first important pieces of information about your contract. After that, you will receive periodic emails giving you all of the information regarding your tenancy contract when you need it, with any deadlines that you may need to be aware of too. Various deadlines and timeframes have been inserted into the Laws of Dubai, these benefit both Tenants and Landlords, to ensure you are aware of them, please sign up.

What can I do if my contract has already started?

Don’t worry, sign up, and we will still send you all of the relevant information.


How long does my membership last for?

Your subscription lasts the length of your tenancy contract, should you sign up with six months left on your contract then that is how long your subscription will last for. Regardless of the amount of time left on your contract, you will still receive all the relevant information.

I have signed up, but input incorrect details, how can I change them?

Please forward your welcome email with the changes you would like to make to [email protected] and we will take care of it for you.


If I sign up, does my landlord get sent the same information as me?

The information we send is only tailored to you as a tenant. Should your landlord request the same information then they will need to sign up too.

If I sign up, does my tenant get sent the same information as me?

The information we send is only tailored to you as a landlord. Should your tenant request the same information then they will need to sign up too.


What happens if there are any law changes or changes to the RERA rent calulator during my contract?

We will keep you updated with all relevant changes as per your contract details.


What happens when my contract ends?

Once you have received your new tenancy contract you will need to sign up again with the new contract details to be kept updated with all the relevant law changes and rental increases for your area.

Can you help me escalate my case further with RERA and the RDSC if a dispute can't be settled?

Unfortunately not, but all the information on what you can do, and how to escalate your case further will be included in the information we send you.

What do you do with my payment details?

We never see, nor collect your payment information, it is dealt with either directly by the Bank or by Paypal, they make all relevant charges to your card or account and pass that on to Property Rights.

What will you do with my information?

We only use your information to send you the data you need. We will not send you spam, nor will we send you third party offers.


We are here to help

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We value your opinion, and are happy to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected], or via the Contact Us tab at the top of the page. We are also contactable through Facebook, and can also be found on Twitter @PropRightsDXB. All ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our service to you are welcome, as well as any feedback you may have.

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